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Increasing Productivity of Mammalian Cells

CHO Plus has developed engineered mammalian cells with higher specific productivity. Our associated screening technology will yield more high-producing cells while screening fewer clones.
Technology Breakthrough

Using patented methods for creating genetically-engineered cells, CHO Plus has created cells capable of 10-fold higher protein productivity in a model system (9.5 g/l mAb in shake flasks; 117 pg/cell/day). This will lower production costs, significantly reduce the amount of culture medium required, and reduce the need to build many more expensive manufacturing plants.


We are currently demonstrating commercial feasibility via production of human monoclonal antibodies.  See our recent poster presentations below.

CHO Plus - Bioprocessing 2022.png

Bioprocessing Summit 2022

CHO Plus - ESACT 2022.png

ESACT 2022

Higher-Productivity Manufacturing Processes

CHO Plus engineered cells currently in commercial feasibility testing could be introduced into existing manufacturing processes and infrastructure. This will dramatically increase production capacity and plant flexibility for existing facilities, and will limit the need for constructing new facilities. Licensing and royalty costs will match accepted industry standards, while providing cell lines with higher productivity.

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